Selling Sherlock Holmes

Sherlockian scholars have been electrified by the entirely unsubstantiated report that Pulsating Productions is mounting an innovative TV series starring Jackie Mason as  Sherlock Holmes.  Oprah Winfrey and Madelaine Albright are to alternate in the role of Watson, and in a  creative break with tradition, Irene Adler will be played by a newly svelte and contrite Arnold Schwartzeneger.

The part of Inspector Lestrade is not yet cast, although Callista Gingrich is said slated to portray Mrs. Hudson.

Both independent booksellers in the western world took the news philosophically.  “If it sells books, it’s a gift !” said one dealer, as with trembling hands he unpacked a large carton of deerstalkers.

EJ Dissecting Room  hopes to reach out to internationally known  experts such as Les Klinger, Peter Blau, and Roger Johnson for their take on the matter.

Stay tuned.

EJ Wagner

As always,

Pursuing Verity

Pursuing Verity

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2 Responses to “Selling Sherlock Holmes”

  1. Larry Feldman Says:

    Of course, it all comes from the point of view that Sherlock Holmes needs tweaking to be commercially successful. Is this assumption true? And if it is, is it worth it?

    • E. J. Wagner Says:

      I think a fresh approach to classic material may provide a way of attracting a new audience. The problem is finding the line between exploration and exploitation.
      Of course, I wrote this post on April of my favorite dates.

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