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Welcome to EJ’s Dissecting Room

September 24, 2009

Book_skull_EJ01w500Welcome to the Dissecting Room (a work in progress) where we investigate historic criminal cases. Crimes of scientific interest, interviews with experts in various forensic specialties, and discussions of related books will be part of the mix. Since a great many things have been against the law at one time or another, we will have a large range of topics, from witchcraft to piracy to homicidal physicians.

An off-topic category called “Wayside Station” will occasionally make an appearance.  “Wayside Station” will feature humorous pieces as well as the odd cartoon. (It’s really hard to survive the forensic world without a good sense of humor.)

And as it is, after all, a personal blog, there will, every so often, be a rant about favorite irritations, such as psychics, astrologers and other purveyors of pseudo-science. This category will be labeled “Beating the Corpse.”

This title of this blog and its category subtitles, were chosen in homage to Mr. Sherlock Holmes, who, courageously overcoming the disadvantage of being fictional, made brilliant and lasting contributions to the scientific study of crime.

As Mr. Holmes is our inspiration, whatever the subject, we shall we shall always vigorously be pursuing verity . . .Pursuing Verity