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The Method of Sherlock Holmes and the Underpants Bomber

January 12, 2010

“You know my method,” Sherlock Holmes reminded Watson, “it is founded on the observation of trifles”…  Mr. Holmes’ excellent method is available to us, and we might usefully apply it to the Case of the Underpants Bomber.

The media was quick to inform us that the man with the explosive undies had boarded the plane bound for the US without luggage, and on a ticket paid for with cash. As we have read many times since 9/11, these are red flags in the murky world of  intelligence.

But consider this detail – if we know  these are red flags, surely Al Qaeda knows this as well. So why, when cheap luggage and stolen credit cards can be easily found, was the chap with the underpants sent on a mission loaded with red flags? Not to mention  explosives he hadn’t the skill to detonate.

I suggest the true intention was to use the man from Nigeria as a source of disinformation, and the assumption of his trainers was that he’d be caught because of the obvious red flags. But, as Holmes  remarked, “The world is full of obvious things  which nobody by any chance  ever observes” and nobody noticed the red flags until the plane was airborne.

One  can only hope that whatever information is gotten from the undies chap is taken with a  very large measure of salt.

EJ Wagner – as always pursuing verity..Pursuing Verity